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Aerocatch Flush Fastener Black


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AeroCatch® was developed as a replacement for the traditional sliding pin used to retain bonnets and boot lids on racing and rally cars. It’s aesthetically pleasing and very low profile, which not only gives an aerodynamic advantage but is also road legal with no sharp projections. This version the Aerocatch Flush Fastener is mounted underneath the panel for a completely smooth installation. Leading Motorsport teams are now use AeroCatch® and with the addition of key operated lock, it can be used on road cars as well. Although designed for Motorsport applications AeroCatch® is now used in industry, machinery, trailers and commerce where it’s simple operation and tough composite & stainless steel construction make it ideal for ardous conditions and uses. The Flush AeroCatch® model, is mounted on the underside of the panel to be securely retained, with the panel being drilled to receive the catch. This listing is for the non-locking version Pack Contains : •2 x AeroCatch® fasteners •2 x Red anodised strike pins •4 x M10 BZP Plated half nuts •4 x M10 BZP Plain washers •2 x Rubber tube bump stops •12 x M4 Countersunk screws •12 x M4 BZP Steel nyloc nuts •12 x M4 BZP Plain washers


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